5 Foods that Cause Diabetes


                          Diabetes is one of the most common and rampant health ailments on the planet. There may be innumerable causes that lead to diabetes in an individual but one of the major pronounced one is due to food. Food is an inevitable component for healthy living whether you are diabetic or not.

         According to a survey conducted by students of Stanford University, there are 7 out of every 10 people suffering from diabetes due improper diet habits. Foods themselves may not be termed as ‘bad’, rather, they may be unsuited when you are suffering from diabetes (or at risk for it).

         The one and only solution is by leading a healthy and active lifestyle which can definitely keep the issue at bay. The facts show that diabetes can occur at any stage of our life even at the childhood. There might not be any specifications for the foods that cause diabetes, there are ones which definitely aggravate or increase the risk of having it.

5 Foods That Cause Diabetes

Processes meats


                   Processed meats include hot dogs and bacon which are a high risk foods that lead to diabetes if eaten more than twice or thrice a week. These foods contain high amount of fat and protein which is proved to have negative effects on diabetic people when consumed in large quantities.


                   Certain fats have adverse effects on the body especially saturated, hydrogenated, and trans fats. Total fat and saturated and monounsaturated fat apparently are unrelated with the risk of type 2 diabetes. However, trans fatty acids increase the risk and it is a good idea to substitute non-hydrogenated polyunsaturated fatty acids for the trans fats.

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                    Even if the food you are buying is labeled ‘Zero Trans Fat’, the product may have some amount of trans fat. Foods containing saturated fat include chocolate, butter, bacon, lard and sausage. Full-fat dairy foods also contain saturated fat.

Refined Grains


                     Refined grains are completely useless for the body. It might be surprising to know that when grains are refined and processed, they lose all of their vitamins, fiber, and minerals content. All that is left high amount of sugar and carbohydrate content.Such foods demand increase of insulin production thus risking your body to diabetes.


                    Make sure to include fiber rich foods in your diet since the market is filled with refined foods. If possible make it a point to replace your meals with whole grains such as brown rice, popcorn, barley, quinoa and more. Also, avoid white bread, pasta and white rice where a health concern for diabetes is present.

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                 As a matter of fact, even my dad had diabetes for the same reason of having only refined grains(traditional Indian food, white rice “Chawal”). Read More : Diabetes Treatment Origins – Weirdest Story Ever.

Dairy Products


               Dietary products that are high on fat and are saturated will lead to diabetes conditions.Here we can mention whole milk, butter, cheddar cheese, whole fat ice-creams, full cream and any products made from saturated milk.


              Whole milk products are a potential risk due to the cholesterol. The body can (naturally) produce some amount of cholesterol itself but gets substantial amount from foods eaten. Generally, the cholesterol should be restricted to 300 mg per day according to the ADA.

Dairy Products 5 Foods that Cause Diabetes

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Extra Sugar Items


               This is a well known fact to almost all of the people that sugar is the root cause of diabetes. Well, the statement is applicable with certain conditions to it like “In excess”! If you are having one can (12-ounce) of regular soda, you get the same carbohydrate as in 10 teaspoons of sugar!


                Diabetes is synonymous with overweight, uncontrolled blood sugar level, and insulin sensitivity. And to the matter of fact, sugar(in excess) is also connected with all of the above. To keep risk factor under control, limit your intake of sugar-sweetened beverages including regular soda, energy drinks, sweet tea and fruit punch.

              It is always to prevent the sweets and sugary foods all the time. If you are consuming sweets and sugary foods, restrict to a very small portion. In case you like eating it once in awhile, have loads of water to flush out the sugar from the body.

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Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil and High Fat Levels of Meat

How to Make Homemade Margarine 5 Foods that Cause Diabetes

                    Meats that have high levels of fat can cause obesity and overweight issues if consumed regularly. This in turn makes you extremely prone to diabetes. Lamb, pork, fried chicken, organ meats and steak are some of them.If you are a diabetic with a kidney problem, you should limit the intake of protein, normally up to no more than 10% of your daily calories intake.


                  Hydrogenated vegetable oil(vanaspati or Margarine) is one product that accumulates a lot of fat in body thus leading to diabetes in the later stages of life. Cholesterol is a common cause for many metabolic complications such as heart failure, joint problems, so on and so forth.


                          Diabetes in combination with cholesterol could be lethal and has adverse effects  the brighter side it can be easily controlled by the diet and health lifestyle. Common foods providing substantial cholesterol are egg yolks, whole milk, ground beef (not labeled extra lean), full-fat cheese, shellfish and poultry skin.


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